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Facilities That TRANSFORM!

From merely being a fad, to now a commitment and a faithful lifestyle, the idea of fitness has taken a spiraling turn for urbanites. Nevertheless, in a city like Mumbai, where throngs of people flock at the gym after a long day of work, exercising the right way becomes rather difficult. Well, not anymore.

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Kris Gethin Gyms (Chembur), one of the top gyms in Mumbai, has become the new and improved sanctuary for the discerning. Being the best gym in Mumbai, it is a luxurious gym that boasts exquisite interiors and world-class amenities, making it a superior experience to sweat your stress out. The 2 floors of Precor equipment is simply enough to kick start your work out with Sarms Stack. The Queenax area for instance is a system where you can personalize your exercise to your specification. If you want to enhance your core stability or target your flexibility, Queenax is the amenity that will fit your workout aspirations like a glove.

It doesn’t just stop at Queenax and the cardio equipment provided by the globally known brand Precor. Right from the array of machines to the Watson dumbbells imported from London, all of it has exclusively been hand picked by Kris Gethin himself. The Watson dumbbells for a fact are one of its kinds and Kris Gethin Gyms Chembur is the first gym in the whole of India to provide you with them!

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Along with the core gym training programs, it is also established as the stunning Zumba & a fitness center in Chembur. The specialized ‘GROUP X CLASSES’ are for the everyone who wish to experience the idea of ‘Fun-Fitness’ Crazy bulk steroids.

While the world-class facilities remain intact on the 2 floors, tucked away on the idyllic rooftop are high-class functional equipment, making this gym simply one of its kind with a fully functional rooftop. With the result oriented training programs, certified transformers, superior gym equipment we are sure to have Kris Gethin Gyms Chembur in the list of Top 10 Gyms in Mumbai. So Mumbai, it is time to elevate your fitness experience with opulent facilities, state of the art equipment and spectacular views for the elite at one of the top gyms in Mumbai – Kris Gethin Gyms, Chembur

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